Philipp Leimgruber

Philipp works in the position of a Lead Consultant at HighCoordination, a leading analytics and performance management company.


Philipp has several years of experience in project and data management, which he has acquired in various large enterprise projects and system rollouts. He graduated as an economist and earned a bachelor’s degree in business informatics technology. Philipp has a “can do” attitude and lives according to the motto “life-long learning”.

Since 2012, Philipp has been an active BI and Data Analytics consultant. He loves to generate value by transforming business data into meaningful decision-making visualizations. He is actively involved in the Qlik community and is the region leader of the QlikDevGroup of Switzerland.

Philipp’s interests include digitization, technology that influences business and he loves to solve problems.

IBCS® Certified Consultant

Philipp Leimgruber has successfully completed the IBCS® certification for successful design of reports and presentations at the HICHERT+FAISST IBCS Institute in July 2018.