How visual consistency helps better understand reports, presentations and dashboards

This reference book demonstrates how visual consistency improves communication with reports, presentations and dashboards. The authors transfer the principle of “notation standards” commonly found in many disciplines such as music or engineering to business communication. They develop a visual reporting language and apply it to the charts and tables used in business reports, presentation slides and interactive management information systems. Practical examples prove: They are on the right track.

Authors: Rolf Hichert and Jürgen Faisst

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For me, the analogies of reports with sheet music and technical drawings were an epiphany. We should aspire to reach the state of enlightenment that musicians and engineers have reached.

I would like to wish this book, this concept, and these ideas wide adoption. And you, the reader, will hopefully be part of this wonderful journey.

Brian Kalish, FP&A, Washington D.C.