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Training handout (pdf)

Product description

Handout for the training ‘IBCS® with SUCCESS – Successful reports and presentations’. Comprehensive compilation of universal guidelines with numerous practical examples, illustrations, and additional information about the SUCCESS formula of IBCS®.

145 pages illustrated with more than 160 instructive figures.

Compiled and edited by Rolf Hichert and Jürgen Faisst.



  • Business communication
  • Management reports
  • Presentations
  •  SUCCESS and IBCS®

Conceptual Rules

  • Say – Convey a message
  • Structure – Organize content

Perceptual rules

  • Express – Choose proper visualization
  • Simplify – Avoid clutter
  • Condense – Increase information density
  • Check – Ensure visual integrity

Semantic rules

  • Unify – Apply notation standards