Semantic Notation – The Next Big Thing in BI?

From a methodological viewpoint, the visualization of management information is very similar to visualization in engineering drawings, the visualization of music, and visualizations in many other disciplines such as geography or road signs. The difference is: The visual “language” of these other disciplines is standardized using an internationally well-known semantic notation. Things that mean the same look the same, and if two things have a different meaning, they do not look the same.

The reasoning behind all notation concepts is the same:

  • Better and faster visual documentation of ideas, analyses, and recommendations
  • Better and faster understanding of the content to be conveyed.

This is the teaser video for an online course at openSAP, where you will learn how to add a new semantic notation to already accepted conceptual and perceptual rules for the creation of reports, presentations, and dashboards. The resulting visual language has the potential to become an International Business Communication Standard (IBCS®), comparable to the established notation standards in engineering drawings and sheet music.