IBCS Standards 1.2

The International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) are practical suggestions for the consistent design of reports, presentations, dashboards and the charts and tables they contain. The further development of the IBCS Standards is an ongoing process, which is managed by the not-for-profit IBCS Association.

Three options for reading the IBCS Standards

IBCS online

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IBCS book

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The SUCCESS formula of the IBCS Standards

Business communication meets the IBCS Standards when it complies with the rules of the seven areas that form the acronym „SUCCESS“:

AY  Convey a message

NIFY  Apply semantic notation

ONDENSE  Increase information density

HECK  Ensure visual integrity

XPRESS  Choose proper visualization

IMPLIFY  Avoid clutter

TRUCTURE  Organize content


We would like to thank all the contributors and sponsors who helped to transform the first drafts of the IBCS Standards into today’s version 1.2. Please find a list of all contributors on page 8 of the document below.