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An dieser Stelle sammeln wir Empfehlungen und Vorschläge der IBCS® Community zu neuen Themen, die über die aktuelle Version der IBCS®-Standards hinaus gehen. Sie können genau so öffentlich diskutiert werden wie die Regeln der zuletzt freigegebenen Version der Standards.

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Design standards for planning applications

(by Jef Baeyens)

Don’t we also need design standards for planning applications? For example identifying editable fields by a consistent background color.

Application of semantic notation: Which rules are mandatory, which optional?

(by IBCS v1.2 Work Group 3: Bryan Gough, Edyta Szarska, Jürgen Faisst)

At the London IBCS 2018 conference, there was a number of conversations about

  • How consultants guide companies on adopting the Standards and what is required for it to determined IBCS compliant.
  • How the IBCS association keeps the standard nature of the IBCS semantic rules while giving companies flexibility to adopt the core building blocks of IBCS while maintaining flexibility in adhering to other requirements.

As a result, a work group was set up to tackle the questions of which rules are mandatory, which rules are optional? The work group has grouped the semantic rules of IBCS v1.1 in two parts:

  1. Rules requiring the report designer to follow the IBCS stated notation; these are classified as “IBCS notation required”.
  2. IBCS stated notations which can be used as a suggestion with however the company having the ability to amend the notation to fit corporate circumstances, classified as “company specific notation”. However, IBCS still requires as a rule that the company specific notation is applied consistently across that company’s business reports, presentations and dashboards.

Please find the download link with the work results in the first comment.

Comparing multiple structure charts with the same structure elements

(by Daniel Doorduin)

How to deal with comparing multiple structure charts with the same structure elements (e.g. comparing markets on sales, profitability, growth and headcount)? Introducing meaningful colors for each market is probably not really a good idea …


(by Ronald van Lent)

What about tiles…I currently see tiles popping up more and more as a “new” visualization feature? Is it of use for reporting? Or only for monitoring/statistics? Just curious about experience and vision.

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