Can dashboards tell stories? Panel discussion at the IBCS Annual Conference

IBCS Annual Conference on June 24, 2022
16:00 to 16:45 CEST

A good visualization helps telling a story – no question about it. But doesn’t the data visualizer need to know the story before visualizing it? How then can a constantly same dashboard tell stories? Yet some data-viz experts and analytics software vendors claim they can. And indeed, the answer is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

This is why we will discuss this topic at the IBCS Annual Conference with an amazing line-up of experts from different perspectives. In a talk show we will open new ideas for future communication in business. Different opinions and arguments of the panellists could lead the audience to innovations in BI solutions. Perhaps the future of dashboards will need some rethinking. Maybe there are even some new ideas for start-ups?


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Jürgen Faisst is co-author of the game-changing book „SOLID | OUTLINED | HATCHED – How visual consistency helps better understand reports, presentations and dashboards„.


Brent Dykes

Brent Dykes is Forbes contributor, and author of Effective Data Storytelling: „How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals“

Mauro Mujica-Parodi III

Mauro Mujica-Parodi III, Chief Product Officer at Narrative Science (acquired by Salesforce)

Narrative Science provides a data story telling application designed to turn data and visualizations into intelligent narratives.

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Gopal Krishnamurthy, Founder and CEO at Lumel (Inforiver, ValQ, XViz & BI Hub)

Inforiver brings analytics and dashboard design closer to the end user.

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Rolf Hichert, President of the IBCS Association

His idea of semantic notation paves the way for the visual language of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

All leaders, top managers and decision makers, BI experts, controllers and FP&A professionals, are invited for the IBCS Annual Conference to go discuss „Can dashboards tell stories?“

Register: June 24, 2022, Berlin or Online

It is possible to attend this event online for free. All you need is to contact the sponsors of the IBCS Annual Conference, and receive a special coupon code for free registration.