Dr. Rolf Hichert, Prof.

Creative mind and frequent key-note speaker at international conferences. His idea of semantic notation paves the way for the visual language of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).


After studying mechanical engineering in Stuttgart, Rolf worked for the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation (IPA). He was a consultant at McKinsey & Co., Inc. in Düsseldorf, and afterwards professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance.

His subsequent appointments: Founder and director of the Transfer Center Technology and Management of the Steinbeis Foundation in Stuttgart, co-founder and managing director of MIK GmbH in Constance/Germany, professor for controlling at the Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences, managing director of MIS Switzerland AG in Zurich. In 2004 he founded HICHERT+PARTNER (today HICHERT+FAISST IBCS® Institute).

In 2013 he transferred major parts of his intellectual property to the newly-founded IBCS Association in order to discuss it in public forums, disseminate and further develop it under a Creative Commons license. Today Rolf serves as president of the IBCS Association.

Lectures and articles

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