IBCS Annual Conference 2022

SUCCESSful dashboarding and storytelling in various business domains

June 24, 2022
Hotel Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof (book your hotel room)
Berlin, Germany and Online

Make sure you don't miss the General Assembly of the IBCS Association on the evening before the conference.


(Continuously updated draft)

Moderation: Johannes von Mulert, Board Member at IBCS Association

Visual storytelling –
Live grafic recording throughout the event

Chris Ridder, Business Illustrator at Business as Visual


Can dashboards tell stories?

Panel discussion
Moderation: Jürgen Faisst, Partner at IBCS Institute



IBCS in human resource management

Moderation: Edyta Szarska, Controlling Partner

Measuring equal payment (working title)

Esin Özkan, IBSS

Speaker and panel discussion guest



Panel discussion guest



Panel discussion guest

IBCS Software

Moderation: Ronald van Lent, JUGO

Latest trends in IBCS software development




IBCS in ESG and CSR measurement

Moderation: Heinz Steiner, IBCS Association

Climate Crisis and its risks – How visualizing a CSR-dashboard of a hi-tech company supports decision makers to make a move


Arne-Kristian Schulz, blueforte GmbH

Speakers and panel discussion guests


Romina Oreskovic, CFO, Orbico Group

Panel discussion guest

IBCS in production reporting

Specifics of KPIs and their variances in production –
A case from the food industry

Simone Verza, Freelance Consultant and Trainer, Controlling blogger and podcaster

IBCS in project management

Moderation: Paul Damen, Rockfeather

IBCS compliant Gantt-Charts at SSB AG (working title)

Mario Laube, CFO at Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG

Speaker and panel discussion guest


How IBCS drives agility at Denner’s “beyond BI” project

Raphael Branger, Partner at IT-Logix AG

Winand Mühlethaler, Strategic Business Controller at Denner AG

Speakers and panel discussion guests

New in and around IBCS

High condensed dashboard visuals (working title)

Rolf Hichert, President of the IBCS Association


Latest news and top IBCS stories

Jürgen Faisst, Partner at IBCS Institute