Specifics of KPIs and their variances in production – A case from the food industry

IBCS Annual Conference on June 24, 2022
10:30 to 11:00 CEST

Does following the IBCS principles improve understanding of production reports as dramatically as it does for financial reports? What are the specific challenges for reporting in a non-financial environment? And does the application of IBCS ultimately help to optimize manufacturing processes?

Experts from the IBCS community will discuss these questions during the IBCS Annual Conference on June 24, 2022. Markus Wolff, Co-Founder and Managing Director of chartisan GmbH, is the moderator of a session called „IBCS in Production“. Marcus invited Simone Verza and Christopher Kaszelik for a panel discussion about the challenges faced in adopting IBCS in Production Reporting.

Simone Verza

Simone Verza will present a practical example of an IBCS report related to a production plant.

Simone works as an Italian freelance Consultant and Trainer in Management Control and Reporting. He is known as a podcaster and blogger. Simone helps companies to implement and to optimize Planning, Control and Reporting systems.

Looking at Simone’s practical example of an IBCS report related to a production plant, participants of the IBCS Annual Conference will understand the specific challenges in visualizing production figures.

Christopher Kaszelik

Christopher Kaszelik, Director at Bluetree in Australia, has successfully managed and delivered consulting projects on Performance Management, FP&A, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for clients in Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa across a broad spectrum of industries.

All decision makers of manufacturing and supply chain, BI experts, controllers, and FP&A professionals are invited for the IBCS Annual Conference to go deeper into the topic of the IBCS for Production Reporting.

Register: June 24, 2022, Berlin or Online

It is possible to attend this event online for free. All you need is to contact the sponsors of the IBCS Annual Conference, and receive a special coupon code for free registration.