graphomate charts, matrix & bubbles 2023.1

'graphomate charts', 'graphomate matrix' and 'graphomate bubbles' allow you to visualize complex data in Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Lumira Designer and in other SAP Analytics tools according to IBCS®.


Benefit from our years of expertise in depicting IBCS compliant charts and tables in various Business Intelligence (BI) front end tools. Our graphomate components integrate seamlessly into the respective front end tool and can be used together with the provided standard components.

The identical user interface of the graphomate extensions in all tools allow you to customize visualizations down to the smallest detail. Whether in SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Lumira Designer, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau or Microsoft Excel – with graphomate you always achieve the same results.

You want to use your visualizations in all your BI tools? With the help of our template function, you can continue to use and reuse your diagrams and tables across tool boundaries. Your notation concept is thus implemented in a uniform manner in all reports and dashboards.

The components graphomate charts, bubbles and pictograms support you in visualizing IBCS in charts. graphomate matrix, successor of graphomate tables, allows you to display performant multidimensional tables or hierarchies. Tables can also be enriched with further visual elements such as bar charts, variances, sparklines and trend arrows.

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graphomate was first certified in April 2014 and it successfully completed its most recent IBCS recertification process in February 2023. This has once again confirmed the software’s capabilities in the visual design of business charts and tables according to the IBCS Association’s recommended standards.