Chart-me WEB & DS 2.7

With Chart-me WEB & DS you create sophisticated management reports, presentations and interactive dashboards easily in a web browser or within SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.


With HI-CHART’s Chart-me WEB, sophisticated management reports, interactive dashboards and presentations can be implemented in a very intuitive way in a web browser. You can use your data from existing Excel workbooks. In future, also external databases can be accessed.

Chart-me WEB is also running as an SAP-certified extension in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio (Chart-me DS). The user interface of Chart-me WEB can be added to a SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio project. You can use Design Studio data sources directly in Chart-me DS and combine them e.g. with Design Studio filter components. You simply install an Extension and start immediately.

Your existing data can be integrated and updated via drag and drop. The result can be exported as PDF or picture files, or you can send an email link to others for reading or to continue working.

IBCS® Certified Charts+Tables

Chart-me WEB & DS 2.7 has successfully passed the examination in accordance with the provisions of the IBCS® software recertification process in February 2019. Chart-me WEB & DS initially was certified in November 2016. The visual design of the presented business charts and tables is certified to be compliant with the Standards proposed by the IBCS Association.

Demo video

Here is a short video showing the collaboration between Chart-me DS and Chart-me WEB. This allows an analysis result from Excel data to be visualized quickly and flexibly in a Web interface and then transferred to standard reporting using SAP data. Of course, each of the two applications also works autonomous.