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Stefanie Fröhner-Goodwin, Andreas Mörtl, Arne-Kristian-Schulz on Business Intelligence Magazine

Analytics strategy

The consistent application of IBCS Standards in the visualizations in mediaFACTS ensures that the complex content to be conveyed is reduced to the essential.

Andrej Lapajne on AFPonline

Communication Breakdown. Why is there no consistency in how we deliver financial reports?

AFPonline, November 2015: All too often, financial reports fall somewhere between messy spreadsheets and dashboards. There may be a solution: The International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

Willard Cope Brinton

Graphic methods for presenting facts

"Graphic methods for presenting facts" is an impressive, early survey of what would today be considered to be bare-bones statistical diagrams and graphic techniques that existed at that moment. Now scarce in original form, this early volume is recognized as the first American book focused on graphic techniques geared for a general audience.

Anita Gibbings on SAP Analytics Blog

Hear Direct from Customers about How Adoption of IBCS Is Growing

SAP Analytics Blog, April 15, 2016: We’re seeing a lot of customer momentum in adopting International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) for their reporting, dashboarding, and data visualizations.