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    Testimonial video

    Coca-Cola Içecek

    Gökhan Kipçak, Group CIO of Coca-Cola Içecek (CCI) in Istanbul gives us his view on the benefits of implementing the IBCS® Standards. CCI has started an international project to implement a new standardized reporting based on Zebra BI in 2014.

    Video clip with Rolf Hichert

    CONDENSE - Increase information density

    Rolf Hichert about the rule area CONDENSE of the SUCCESS formula (with English subtitles)

    Video interview

    How Graphomate Helps SAP Customers Adopt IBCS® to Improve Data Visualization

    Jürgen Faisst, Managing Director of IBCS Association, and Lars Schubert, founder of graphomate, discuss how the graphomate add-ons allow customers to quickly and easily implement IBCS® Standards with their visualizations, dashboards, and reporting.

    Video interview

    How to Improve Decision Processes with Business Communication Standards

    Watch this short video on how International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) helps customers make better decisions because they better understand the information in their reports and data.