Mentorship and guidance through the curriculum and the workshops have equipped me with valuable skills. I have gained a deep understanding of the IBCS principles and best practices in data visualization and business communication.

Excited to apply my knowledge and skills to communicate insights that drive informed decision-making.

Grozdanka Ivanovska, Data Analyst,
Controller & BI Consultant, Vorteks ED, Macedonia

Thank you very much for the wonderful event. I have rarely taken part in a training course that was so entertaining and where I was able to take away so much.

Christopher Ballmann, Deutsche Bahn, Germany

IBCS guidelines have been a career-changing addition for me as a reporting specialist. By integrating the semantic layer with its foundational principles, it has elevated my perspective on report design, leading to more efficient and impactful data communication. It’s an essential framework for anyone committed to a professional level of business communication.

Jürgen Bugmann, BI Reporting consultant
at BSgroup Data Analytics AG, Switzerland

I discovered IBCS after 25 years of working in controlling, focusing on data quality and business communication. This concept is very powerful for my large company, and meets my high working standards. We have just completed a Power BI pilot project inspired by IBCS rules. The reaction is more than positive, and management is so enthusiastic about the changes proposed!

Mirella Trzebiatowska, Head of Controlling at Volkswagen Poznań, Poland

I have really enjoyed reading and rereading through the material, it makes more and more sense to me everytime

And I find myself applying some part of the standards to every other presentation.

Alex Karanja, Head of Digital, Data and Innovation, Naivas Retail, Kenya

Thank you for your fantastic workshop and for sharing your passion and presentation tricks and skills with us. I am always happy to see people loving what they do and the energy they transmit. You are one of few people I saw doing it like this, so I appreciate it!

Vladimir Klempa, Reporting Specialist, TX Group AG, Switzerland

It was a really great experience learning IBCS from you. I’ve already implemented IBCS guidelines into some of my Power BI reports, and users quickly changed their opinion from the initial “It looks strange” to “It really helps us to understand our data.” IBCS works, and I will definitely continue to work on developing and testing different ways of implementing IBCS guidelines in Power BI, and sharing my knowledge and experience with the community.

Andrzej Leszkiewicz, Independent Power BI Developer and Consultant, Poland

Excellent workshop sessions! We have quite a few takeaways that we would like to put in place as soon as possible within our current reporting.

Samuel Santella, Manager, BI Engineering, Kareo Inc., Costa Rica

The IBCS-Certified-Analyst was a great training experience with many insightful impulses and real business value!

The team benefited from the easy-to-understand and powerful examples and especially from the work sessions, which did much to reinforce what they had learned.

Hussam Abu Farha,
Vice President Global Supply Chain Sales Operations & Analytics,
ZEISS Vision Care, Germany

IBCS has been an incredible influence on my career as they have taught how to make data easy to navigate and examine. I couldn’t imagine building dashboards now without their principles!

Karen Postupac, Data Analyst at PPG, Pittsburgh, US

Inspired by Dawid Marciniak’s presentation at the IBCS Annual Conference in Berlin, we have now implemented the
“Best Practices for Income Statements” at SSB. Thank you for the inspiration!

Mario Laube, CFO at Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG, Germany


Guidelines presented by IBCS is a great addon for my career as a reporting specialist. These standards help me right from the design phase of reports up to presentation. The sessions were very well orchestrated and the experienced trainers make it all very interesting and informative.

Shanila Shamsudheen, Senior Data Engineer at GAC Group, UAE

The best experience is to share insights with all Financial Planning and Analytics experts from all over the world, and it’s so valuable for improving BI reporting efficiency with the SUCCESS rules.

Mary Wu, SAP Consultant, Bluetree Solutions, Australia

Yesterday I didn’t even know that IBCS existed, and now I can’t imagine why it’s not mentioned in every basic analyst’s manual.

Denys Skorikov, Analyst, PPG Global Business Services, Poland


Congratulations and thank you for the best workshop I have had the pleasure of attending in my professional career!

Michael Atzberger, Authorized Officer and Senior Controller, Lowell Financial Services, Germany


A course with very interesting content, with important theoretical arguments, well applied analogies, with excellent feedback resources, very well explained at a good pace and useful exercises that allow consolidating the knowledge acquired. It is one of those virtual courses that confirms that the “virtual” has nothing to envy to the face-to-face!

Juan Carlos Aranibar, Minera San Cristobal S.A., Bolivia


I am very impressed. It’s not for everyone to give a lecture on the screen without the viewer digressing. But you made me forget the time, chapeau!

Rita O., Swiss Red Cross, Switzerland


I am lacking the words to express how impressed I am. The analogies to music are brilliant. This is definitely the best online data visualization course I have seen.

Przemyslaw Biecek, Associate Professor, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


What we learn with pleasure we never forget”. And this was one such learning. A wonderful online-course by Jürgen Faisst – do check it out!

Ishitaa Ashley, Solutions Developer, Visual BI, USA and India


More than 30 years ago Rolf Hichert has made significant contributions to the Würth corporate operating system.

Dieter Krämer, former managing director of Würth and long-time companion of Reinhold Würth, Germany


The standards proposed by IBCS are great! The next big trend in Business Intelligence, will be driven by IBCS for sure. I think it is already started …

Shankar Rajkumar, Lead of Project Management Office, Arcolab, India



I love your courses. You fundamentally changed the way I create reports and charts.

Natalja Bednar, Reporting, Bund-Länder-Geschäftsstelle
für die Braunkohlesanierung (GS StuBA), Germany


The webinar was an eye-opener. Something so simple but yet so important and 99% of people working on analytics and reporting completely miss it.

Pratik Shah, SAP HANA BI & Analytics Lead at Bluefin Solutions, US

Information and decision-making can be greatly improved using International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®). These guidelines help standardize presentations to improve comprehension and decision-making at a lower cost and in less time. They are an essential tool for any organization that pursues excellence in all it does.

Oriol Amat, Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and President of the Catalan Association of Accounting and Management (ACCID), Spain

Jürgen easily captured the 100 participants of our one-day training in Istanbul through his humorous and conclusive style paired with profound expertise.

Osman Çelik, Managing Partner, IBSS Consulting, Istanbul, Turkey

Rolf was the Top Rated Speaker of our two-day Financial Controlling Toolbox conference in Prague in June 2017.

Terezia Weiserova, Senior Conference Producer, EBCG, Slovakia

IBCS® has been a great accelerator for us to take our business insights to the next level.

Maurice Verhagen, Head of Reporting Services at PHILIPS, The Netherlands

I owe Jürgen a big thank for a very interesting and well-hosted training. For me an absolute highlight.

Iver van de Zand, Business Analytics Presales Hub Lead, SAP Belgium-Luxembourg, Belgium

The certification training to become an IBCS® Certified Consultant is proof positive of the high level of technical and methodological expertise of a consultant in this hot topic.

Dirk U. Proff, Founder & CEO blueforte GmbH, Germany

If you look for the best person on the planet to design effective management reports, there is only one name that comes to my mind: Rolf Hichert.

Bruno Meyer, Director, Credit Suisse Group, Switzerland

It is completely amazing how Prof. Hichert questioned what was seemingly self-evident and showed us how professional reporting really should look. This was a “wow” experience, and not just for my students.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Weber, Director WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany

With the change in reporting based on the design standards of Prof. Dr. Hichert, the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German Federal Employment Agency) is taking an effect-oriented approach. Transparency and benchmarking criteria are given top priority so that we can track every cent spent and evaluate every employment measure taken.

Dr. rer. pol. h. c. Frank-J. Weise, German Federal Employment Agency, Germany

Jürgen’s passion for conceptual and visual design is infectious.

Ty Miller, Vice President, SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Product Management, Canada

Hundreds of students in the auditorium of the Technical University of Munich listened spellbound as Rolf Hichert initiated them in the secrets of good reports and presentations. For me, it was the most
entertaining and, at the same time, informative lecture that I have heard in the last several years.

Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl, Technische Universität München, Germany

Prof. Dr. Rolf Hichert impressively conveyed the central criteria for the proper design of management reports. His lecture represented an extraordinary asset for our specialized conference.

Jens Gräf, Principal, Horváth & Partner GmbH, Germany

SUCCESS means exactly that! It was worth our while to attend the SUCCESS seminar, it was an intense and creative introductory event. We have implemented the Hichert method of reporting of cost and management accounting and army controlling.

Christopher Kaatz, Oberst i.G., Bundeswehr, Germany

Form without content is mindless medialism, it comes across as a talk show, casting show, or like PowerPoint karaoke. Content without form is communicative autism. Effective communication, therefore, means: content and form. In my opinion, Rolf Hichert is the master of this difficult balance.

Prof. Dr. Sven Piechota, Universität Lüneburg, Germany

I closely follow this positive development and am delighted every time a colleague is inspired by this idea and also shares this insight.

Erkan Utku, Manager, IBM Österreich, Austria