IBCS training

We offer courses for the conceptual and visual design of reports, presentations, and dashboards using the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). You can choose from various locations and languages. For more German courses please visit our German site. For in-house training requests please contact us here.

Certification stage 1

IBCS Certified Analyst

Understand the SUCCESS formula of IBCS and learn how to apply it in practice. Followed by an online test for becoming an IBCS Certified Analyst.

Part 1: IBCS with SUCCESS
Part 2: IBCS Workshop

Classroom training takes three days, online training five half-days plus some hours of self-paced video learning.


Zagreb (hr)
Part 1: 2021-12-08
Part 2: 2021-12-09..10


Online (en)
Part 1: 2021-12-15..16
Part 2: 2022-01-10..12


Warsaw (pl)
Part 1: 2022-01-24
Part 2: 2022-01-25..26


Online (en)
Part 1: 2022-02-21..22
Part 2: 2022-03-07..08


Warsaw (pl)
Part 1: 2022-05-23
Part 2: 2022-05-24..25