ICC workshops

ICC Workshops facilitate the exchange of experience, practice and ideas of IBCS Certified Consultants (ICCs). Only ICCs and ICC candidates are entitled to participate in these exclusive events.


Integration of IBCS in statistical visualizations into the notation guidelines

Speaker: Severin Willig | PwC | Manager | Technology Consulting

Guest Speaker: Simon Graefe | Loh Services GmbH & Co. KG (cc´ed)

+ Heatmaps, boxplots, scatterplots, etc. as a whole
+ Challenges in scaling and structure


IBCS Young Generation


ICCs: Severin Willig and Ronald van Lent

Young Generation, authors of IBCS bachelor theses: Magda Szarska and Matthias Bäuml

+ Intro of the topic and its importance
+ IBCS as an objective way of visualising data
+ The influence of IBCS on a Dashboard and its User Experience using the example of an auditing company
+ Discussion on how to approach young potentials & universities


Roll out/implementation

Speakers: Ralph Ginzinger and Elisabeth Schwab, Palfinger AG

Speakers will start a discussion on the pros and cons of the two approaches to IBCS implementation: bottom-up and top-down.

They will address all accelerators and catalysts for a roll-out:

+ The importance of identifying the right use cases
+ How to create a fellow-ship with internal presentations
+ Scaling up know-how with trainings
+ Securing a budget & sponsors
+ Importance of software

Disclaimer from Raph: We won’t be able to address all points in depth and will focus on some of them.



Dashboard interactivity and navigation

Speaker: Mark Michel, NTT DATA

+ Reporting vs. visual analytics: the range of IBCS
+ Navigation & interactive elements: intro
+ “Mouse over” feature: less limitations on charts



Moderation: Ronald van Lent, JUGO

Visuals for business future – ideas and doubts

Speaker: Edyta Szarska, Controlling Partner

Let’s discuss:
+ labels for next year periods
+ patterns of future values versus actual values
+ patterns for variances of future periods vs. actual


Discussion on the topic of “Highly condensed dashboard visuals”

Speakers: Rolf Hichert and Jürgen Faisst

+ What is your experience on the topic of highly condensed dashboard?
+ Have you encountered any obstacles or limitations related to information condensing?
+ What do you think about the directions of high information density in IBCS templates?
+ Do you think we need a new kind of high condense visuals (new chart type?)


Moderation: Markus Wolff, chartisan GmbH

ICC Work Group: Designing Income Statements

Top 10 best practices for designing income statements targeting Controllers, Analysts and C-Levels

Speaker: Dawid Marciniak, HICO-Group


Moderation: Frank Mühlenfeld, Dedalus Healthcare Ges.m.b.H

Application of IBCS for HR reporting – part 2

Speakers: Esin Özkan, IBSS, Edyta Szarska, Controlling Partner and Mark A. Michel, NTT DATA

other ICCs* tba

* All ICCs that want to share HR reporting samples/ideas/challenges are asked to contact moderator till 2022-04-28 15:00 CEST

The discussion will cover:
company vs. benchmark HR information
structure, scaling, and targets challenges
+ samples / practices / challenges on HRM reporting


Moderation: Edyta Szarska, Controlling Partner

Application of IBCS for HR reporting

Speaker: Esin Özkan, IBSS

The discussion will cover:
company vs. benchmark HR information
+ structure, scaling, and targets challenges


Moderation: Ronald van Lent, JUGO

IBCS for non-financial reporting

Speaker: Xavier Subirats, AMSEL ASSESSORS SL

+ What we should know about non-financial reporting?
+ Examples of visuals for non-financial reporting of IBCS fans
+ Exchange of ideas for IBCS compliant improvements


Moderation: Andrzej Przeliorz, Alba Rosa

How to benefit from an IBCS solution library?

Speaker: Mark A. Michel, NTT DATA

The discussion will cover the areas:
Status quo / software templates and IBCS publications
Content / desired types
+ Operating model / contribution and benefits


Moderation: Jürgen Faisst, IBCS Institute

Let’s rock IBCS: the Bayer dashboard

Inspired with the Microsoft recording – WATCH

Bayer guests: Olaf Lischke, Matthias Eisenack


Moderation: Tobias Piecha, Blueforte

IBCS Best Practices for visualising Profit and Loss Statements

Speaker: Dawid Marciniak, HICO


Moderation: Jürgen Faisst, IBCS Institute

Opening of the new season of the ICC workshops
Rolf Hichert, IBCS Institute

Selection of new topics, presenters and moderators for Oct’21..May’22
IBCS Certified Consultants


Moderation: Theo Idema, PostNL

Do the IBCS rules follow the structure rules themselves?
Beat Honegger and Raphael Kempf Plus-IT

IBCS Standards 1.2. – Mandatory and optional IBCS rules
Jürgen Faisst, IBCS Institute


Moderation: Arne-Kristian Schulz, blueforte GmbH

Pictograms within IBCS: Suggestions for the next version of the Standards?
Ronald van Lent, JUGO

IBCS Standards 1.2. – Unify part first
Jürgen Faisst, IBCS Institute


Moderation: Raphael Branger, IT-Logix

Are targets dangerous?
Bernie Smith, Made to Measure KPIs

Project management of an IBCS project
Esin Özkan, IBSS


Moderation: Mark Michel, NTT DATA

How can we compare scenarios in stacked charts?
Mario Rosenfelder and Thomas Terbuch, consultnetwork

“Message follows chart” or “Chart follows message”?
Heinz Steiner, Trivadis


Sparklines – Why do they mislead us?
Rolf Hichert, IBCS Association

IBCS certification of notation manuals
Jürgen Faisst, IBCS Association