Stefan Kersten

Stefan Kersten is the head of the Competence Center Business Data Solutions at b.telligent. b.telligent specializes in the introduction and development of business intelligence, customer relationship management and e-commerce in businesses active in mass markets.


Stefan Kersten is responsible for processes, methods, implementation and project management in the area of Business Data Solutions. For more than 20 years, he has been advising customers from all industries such as banking, insurance, financial and real estate services, utilities and pharmaceuticals in the area of BI strategy and BI implementation. His project experience covers the complete value creation process from analysis of business requirements, conception, planning and implementation of project plans. In addition to his technical and methodological expertise, his strengths include his problem-solving, strategic and customer-oriented thinking as well as moderation skills. As Competence Center Manager, Mr. Kersten is also responsible for team and business development and regularly deals with current innovative topics and solutions.

IBCS® Certified Consultant

Stefan Kersten has successfully completed the IBCS® certification for successful design of reports and presentations at the HICHERT+FAISST IBCS Institute in October 2012.