IBCS Annual Conference 2024

June 14, 2024
Milan, Italy
Enterprise Hotel, Corso Sempione, 91

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June 13, 19:00 CEST (the evening before the conference) | Room Nettuno

General Assembly of the IBCS Association

Followed by a get-together. Don’t miss this evening networking event before the IBCS Annual Conference.

All members of the IBCS Association can join either on-site or online.

June 14, 9:30 | Main hall (Venere)

Hello, welcome and IBCS News

Johannes von Mulert
Board Member at IBCS Association

Jürgen Faisst
Managing Partner at IBCS Institute

10:00 | Main hall (Venere)

Key note: Imagine the unimaginable

The future is closer than you think

  • What is happening now in the field of technology and business.
  • What is likely to happen in the next few years. What we can expect. What to be afraid of. What to hope for.
  • What we can do about it. How to take advantage of technological developments. How to create an “exponential company”. How to prepare ourselves for the coming changes.

Johannes von Mulert, Board Member at IBCS Association

Edi Pyrek
Mentor, writer, lecturer, futurology, entrepreneur
Founder at Global Artificial Intelligence Alliance



11:15 | Parallel session | Main hall (Venere)

IBCS template for controlling processes

Using boxplots in production controlling at Rosenberger

  • In order to operate more effectively in the production environment, we want to adapt the visualisation concept
  • A boxplot visualises the distribution of data by displaying measures of position (such as median and quartiles) and measures of dispersion (through potential outliers)
  • We should strive for an IBCS template for controlling (production) processes

Discussion moderator:
Severin Leuenberger, Senior BI Consultant and Project Manager at IT-Logix

Christian Niedermaier
Consultant for department strategy and change projects at Rosenberger

Franz Feil
Head of digitalisation and innovation at Rosenberger

11:15 | Parallel session | Room Mercurio

Navigating IBCS adoption: challenges and solutions

Panel discussion with clients about their journey to introducing IBCS in their company. Panelists are sharing their situation searching for an advice, hoping for advices from the audience.

Cornelia Neeser, Sales Manager at Cosmo Consult

Juan Carlos Aranibar
Data Management, Automation & Central Planning Specialist at Minera San Cristobal, Bolivia

Arne-Kristian Schulz
User Interface Designer & Head of Visual Business Analytics at blueforte GmbH

Iris Jagoschütz
Expert in Reporting & Analytics M-Industrie AG

and others…

12:00 | Parallel session | Main hall (Venere)

Assessing report compliance at scale using AI

Why the IBCS standards are the keys to better decisions and
happier lives

  • How organizations can achieve governance of reports
  • How AI can help assessing compliance at scale
  • Why the IBCS Standards are the keys that can unlock peace and confidence for decision-makers

Discussion moderator:
Felix Becker, Senior Manager at avantum consult

Jeff Polack
Strategic advisor at the nexus of AI & executive decision-making, principal at NovoAcuity

12:00 | Parallel session | Room Mercurio

Optimal chart labeling is a challenging task in the world of IBCS

Discussing best practice solutions for achieving perfect labeling in IBCS compliant charts looking at axes, columns, bars, lines, areas, and other visual elements.

Discussion moderator:
Raphael Kempf, Senior BI-Consultant at plus-IT

Fernando Fragoso
Financial modeller with interest in data visualisation

Rolf Hichert
President of the IBCS Association



14:00 | Main hall (Venere)

News from Zebra BI, Inforiver,
and SAP Analytics Cloud

Edyta Szarska, Managing Partner at IBCS Institute

Andrej Lapajne
Founder at Zebra BI

Gopal Krishnamurthy
Founder / CEO at Lumel, Inforiver

Matthias Kraemer
Head of SAP HD&A – Planning & Analytics

14:45 | Main hall (Venere)


A custom GPT providing guidance on the design of reports

  • What can the IBCS Coach GPT do today
  • What to expect from future versions
  • How does this affect IBCS Certified Analysts, Consultants, and Software
  • What about data security in GPTs

Jürgen Faisst, Managing Partner at IBCS Institute

Brian Julius (remotely)
6x LinkedIn Top Voice mixing BI, AI, and more
Highly experienced former executive at U.S. Federal Government




16:00 | Main hall (Venere)

IBCS and Power BI Core Visuals

What level of support to expect from Microsoft

  • Presentation of Microsoft product team’s vision to support IBCS
  • Discussion with panelists and participants

Gaby Teunissen, Data & Analytics Consultant at Rockfeather

Miguel Myers (remotely)
Principal Program Manager for Power BI at Microsoft

16:45 | Main hall (Venere)

Summary and outlook

Johannes von Mulert, Board Member at IBCS Association

Edyta Szarska
Managing Partner at IBCS Institute


End of conference apéro (get-together)