Theo Idema

Theo is senior BI Consultant for the logistics mail domain within PostNL, which consist of the total chain from sorting to delivery. Included is BI on quality of this chain.


Theo Idema holds degrees in Economics (Master of Science) as well as in Business Information (Bachelor). He studied in Groningen at the university of Groningen (Master) and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Bachelor).

At PostNL Theo is primarily responsible for the business information within the logistics mail domain. He focuses on simplifying reporting, assuring consistency of reports and automating reporting.

Theo has more than 30 years of experience in the company and held different positions varying from marketing & sales to operations.

Theo’s vision:

  • Supporting the operational units within the company with correct, timely and especially consistent information helps all layers of management.
  • Standardization of reporting is useful for all management layers and makes reading and understanding reports unambiguous. It also helps managers when changing positions within the company.
  • In a declining market there is a need for simplified reporting, automated processing of data towards information.
  • “The advantage and the disadvantage of Excel are the same: you can do almost everything with it”.

IBCS® Certified Consultant

Theo Idema has successfully completed the IBCS® certification for successful design of reports and presentations at the HICHERT+FAISST IBCS Institute in August 2018.