Prerequisites for participation in Excel seminar

Each attendee should be equipped with the following hard- and software and should have some skills in the use of MS Excel.

Hard- und Software

The trainer works with Excel 365. The working steps can be performed without any difficulties using Excel 2013 and higher. The trainer will point out relevant differences between the versions as necessary. Participants need a windows-based device (computer or laptop with external mouse) with MS Excel and MS PowerPoint installed on the device.

Level of Excel user skills

An average working knowledge of MS Excel is required for successful participation in this training. Users should already be comfortable with writing and editing commonly used Excel formulas using SUM, IF, MAX etc., as well as familiar with the usage of absolute and relative cell references, i. e. cell references with and without the “$” sign. Specialized (programming) skills, e. g. VBA, are not required. We expect participants to have at least seen and applied the basic charting features of MS Excel. Individual working steps will be demonstrated by working through the training exercises, one step at a time. Users will be able to easily follow along with the methods presented and subsequently review and apply them to their own projects. The training examples and templates can be used in the above-mentioned versions of Excel.

Introductory training: IBCS with SUCCESS

Prior attendance of the introductory training IBCS with SUCCESS – Successful Reports, Presentations, and Dashboards will familiarize you with the IBCS topic, facilitating and furthering your understanding of design issues. It is, however, not a prerequisite for enrolling in this Excel training.