IBCS® Certified Consultant –
Implement IBCS

Implementing the SUCCESS formula of the IBCS Standards in an organization is just as interesting as it is challenging. This course is geared towards consultants and employees with many years’ experience in controlling or Business Intelligence projects.


After attending the course, participants will be able to implement the SUCCESS formula of the IBCS® Standards on client projects or in their own organizations.


Participants of the certification course for IBCS® Certified Consultants have successfully completed their IBCS® Certified Analyst certification. This means participation in the introductory one-day training “IBCS with SUCCESS”, attending the “IBCS Workshop”, and passing an online assessment.

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Attendance fee

The attendance fee for the three-day certification course including examination, coordination of work samples, certificate, personal profile page on ibcs.com, and announcement on our website and in the IBCS® newsletter is EUR 3,200 per person, plus VAT.

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Dr. Rolf Hichert, Prof.

Managing Partner at HICHERT+FAISST IBCS Institute and President of the IBCS Association

Dr. Jürgen Faisst

Managing Partner at HICHERT+FAISST IBCS Institute and Managing Director of the IBCS Association


Day 1

08:30 Reception and distribution of materials

09:00 Welcome

Participants, program, and organization

09:30 IBCS with SUCCESS

  • Conceptual rules
  • Perceptual rules
  • Semantic rules


  • Rules for conveying a message and organizing content
  • Barbara Minto’s Pyramid Principle

13:30 Group exercise on conceptual design

  • Create a storyline by applying the Pyramid Principle
  • Design charts for presenting the storyline
  • Presentation and discussion of results


  • Rules for choosing the proper visualization
  • Discussion of inappropriate chart types

18:00 Evening program

Sightseeing and get-together

Day 2

09:00 Welcome

Summary of Day 1


  • How semantic notation helps to avoid clutter
  • A systematic approach for increasing information density

11:30 CHECK

  • Scaling rules for ensuring visual integrity
  • How semantic notation can help to avoid scaling issues

13:30 Group exercise on how to convince management

  • Creating a real-life before-and-after example
  • Presentation and discussion of results

16:00 Enablement

  • Management sponsorship
  • Notation manual
  • Software support

Evening home exercise

Task assignment and individual preparation of a brief presentation for Day 3

Day 3

09:00 Presentations of results

  • Short presentations of the homework results
  • Discussion in a plenary session

13:30 Exam

Certification test with 10 open text questions about IBCS

15:00 Open topics

Discussion of topics for future versions of IBCS

15:45 Conclusion

Feedback and next steps


End of course


On all days there is lunch together at 12:30. Snacks and refreshments are served in coffee breaks at around 10:30 in the morning and 15:00 in the afternoon. After the course you are invited for an Apéro – a kind of small reception, at which snacks and refreshments are served.