xViz Performance Suite 1.0

xViz Performance Suite of Visuals deliver enhanced capabilities for business-users in terms of self-service, personalization, and collaboration features for generating IBCS compliant visualizations and templates in minutes. It would be available via multiple BI platforms (Power BI, Tableau, Qliksense, …) as well as Javascript Libraries for ISV/OEM/Embedding use cases.

Why xViz Performance Suite?

The xViz Performance Matrix & Table visual packs features such as

  • Rapidly setup and build IBCS-compliant financial and management reports
  • Ability to display values as numbers/bar/waterfall/pin
  • Business responsive design
  • Startup wizard
  • Expand/collapse hierarchies in rows and columns
  • Advanced conditional formatting (including subtotals) with dynamic data selection
  • Extensive row header, line and value formatting in both design/run time
  • Top ‘n’ ranking analysis
  • Freezing totals
  • … and more

The xViz Performance Charts visual packs features such as

  • Track performance with respect to benchmarks using auto-calculated variances
  • Ability to support multiple series such as waterfall, line, area, integrated variance, and …
  • Small multiples / trellis
  • Advanced conditional formatting (including subtotals) with dynamic data selection
  • Business responsive design
  • Extensive axis label formatting and placement
  • Runtime dynamic deviation
  • … and more


HICHERT+FAISST confirms, that xViz Performance Suite 1.0 has successfully passed the examination in accordance with the provisions of the IBCS® software certification process in April/July 2020. The visual design of the presented business charts and tables is certified to be compliant with the Standards proposed by the IBCS Association.