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New course starts on November 9, 2020

Solid, outlined, hatched (online with exercises)

Learn how a consistent notation ensures that your reports and dashboards are read and understood. About 30 short lessons with interactive videos, questions, tests and a workbook with practical exercises.

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Free online lecture on Oct 13

Solid, outlined, hatched - How visual consistency helps better understand reports, presentations and dashboards

Save the date: July 2, 2021

The next IBCS Annual Conference is scheduled for July 2, 2021 and will be virtual.

Less means more, due to IBCS® Standards

Article in Controlling i Zarządzanie nr 1(39)/2021 in polish language with english translation.

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XLCubed article in Raconteur | The Times

Time for CFOs to say goodbye to Excel?

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Maurice Verhagen in IMA Strategic Finance

The Philips journey toward IBCS

Maurice Verhagen, head of Reporting Services, talked recently with Jürgen Faisst about reporting at Philips, implementation of the IBCS, the benefits achieved, and his recommendations for readers of Strategic Finance.

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Recertification graphomate

Meaningful visualizations, certified according to IBCS, in Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, SAP Analytics and Microsoft Excel including a central management of templates across tools.

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Recertification extensions²

extensions² is 100% integrated into the Qlik environment, offering the users the Qlik functionalities and the display options of the IBCS® Standards.

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Recertification TRUECHART

IBCS® for Qlik, PowerBI, Excel and more…

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Recertification Zebra BI Visuals for Power BI

Zebra BI Visuals for Power BI are the first officially certified IBCS® tool for Power BI. With fully responsive and interactive technology they allow you to build spectacular Power BI reports and dashboards in minutes.

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Newsletter 2021|01

Certified Analyst online;
Annual Conference on July 2

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IBCS® Standards (PDF)

PDF transcript of the IBCS® Standards as published on 150 pages illustrated with more than 180 instructive figures, covering all conceptual, perceptual, and semantic rules for the design of comprehensible reports, presentations, and dashboards.

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Editable template

Notation manual (PPT)

Editable PPT template for the creation of a company specific notation manual covering the major design principles for IBCS® compliant charts and tables.

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Selected resources

SAP IBCS® promotion and testimonial video

What business management can learn from musicians

Álvaro Alcolea, CFO at Prensa Iberica Media in Barcelona, and Jürgen Faisst talking about what business management can learn from musicians on how to benefit from a standard notation implemented with SAP Design Studio and graphomate charts.

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Testimonial video

Coca-Cola Içecek

Gökhan Kipçak, Group CIO of Coca-Cola Içecek (CCI) in Istanbul gives us his view on the benefits of implementing the IBCS® Standards. CCI has started an international project to implement a new standardized reporting based on Zebra BI in 2014.

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Rolf Hichert and Jürgen Faisst

Notation standards in business communication and their practical benefits

IBCS® white paper about the practical benefits of notation standards in business communication.

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Two minute trailer

Training impressions

This two minute trailer gives an atmospheric picture of the training "IBCS® with SUCCESS - Successful reports and presentations".

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