Holger Gerths

Holger Gerths is the founder and CEO of Hi-Chart GmbH. The CP Corporate Planning AG subsidiary develops and distributes the IBCS®-certified reporting software hi-chart®.


Holger Gerths has been working in IT projects focusing on business content in BI and reporting for more than 20 years.

He has been collaborating with Rolf Hichert since 2004. While Rolf Hichert developed the SUCCESS formula, Holger Gerths concentrated on the technical implementation – specifically in Excel and PowerPoint in the early days. He has implemented virtually all requested displays for business charts in Excel without programming and conducted extensive research that has made him an internationally recognised specialist. For many years, in seminars and consulting projects, Holger Gerths conveyed all those useful tips and tricks that are still being applied successfully in hundreds of companies to this day. Many of these are included in the reference book Designing Business Charts with Excel based on the standards of HICHERT® SUCCESS published by Haufe-Verlag.

In 2011, Holger Gerths founded Hi-Chart GmbH. Since 2020, the Berlin-based company has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of CP Corporate Planning AG, one of the leading vendors of software for business management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since then, the IBCS®-certified solution hi-chart® has not only been developed and enhanced, but it has also been integrated into SAP, Qlik, Microsoft Bower BI and Excel, as well as being fully integrated into the various CP solutions for operational management, financial planning and consolidation. Corporate Planning is thus the only vendor of software for business management with real-time IBCS® reporting at the touch of a button.

In this context, Holger Gerths is committed above all to an automated implementation of IBCS® by means of a one-click graphic selection feature which recommends the most suitable graphic types to users on the basis of their data.

IBCS® Certified Consultant

Holger Gerths has been awarded the IBCS® certification for the successful design of reports and presentations on the basis of his long-term cooperation with Rolf Hichert and Jürgen Faisst on the implementation of IBCS® and the SUCCESS rules.