Mario Rosenfelder

Mario Rosenfelder is managing director of consultnetwork GmbH and an expert for integrated management control.


Mario Rosenfelder, business economist (MBA), has studied controlling and strategic business management at the Alpen-Adria-University and completed the strategic management for executive’s education at the renowned St. Gallen Business School.

Today Mario Rosenfelder is the managing director of consultnetwork GmbH and expert for integrated management control. As such he has been designing and implementing solutions for the integrated management of companies and groups of companies for more than ten years. An important part of the controlling strategy concept developed by Mario Rosenfelder is the provision of integrated reporting solutions according to the ONE PAGE principle. The ONE PAGE reports follow the report design of the IBCS® Standards and consider a control loop for integrated corporate control. The implementation of the IBCS® Standards and the ONE PAGE principle is based on a 5-step model, which has been tested and refined in numerous projects (reference project: Gabor)

Mario Rosenfelder acts as speaker and trainer in front of entrepreneurs or controllers on various controlling topics. He also runs the extremely successful YouTube channel ‘controlling-strategy│consultnetwork’.

IBCS® Certified Consultant

Mario Rosenfelder has successfully completed the IBCS® certification for successful design of reports and presentations at the HICHERT+FAISST IBCS Institute in February 2020.

Work samples

The first part of the two-part video series describes what the IBCS® Standards regulate regarding stacked columns.

The second part shows how comparison of planned/actual data can also be implemented with stacked columns. This topic is of particular concern to us at consultnetwork, as one of our main focuses is the conception of reports according to the ONE PAGE principle, which our certified employees and colleagues also technically implement with BI tools like Cubeware, Microsoft Power BI or SAP Analytics Cloud. A central element is the summarized display of various information relevant to a control task and also the representation of a control loop, which always requires a comparison of planned/actual data. The use of stacked columns makes perfect sense due to the high information density, but can only provide a relevant input to management if a corresponding comparison of planned/actual data is also possible. Therefore, we have dealt with the comparison of planned/actual data for stacked columns, which is viewed quite critically in the IBCS® community, and show possible solutions that enable the comparison of planned/actual data.

Application example – ONE PAGE branch reporting

One of the basic rules for the successful introduction of corporate management according to the ONE PAGE principle is to transfer the concept to all relevant areas of the company in addition to reports for the first and second management levels. For companies with a branch structure, this means that not only the company management and regional managers but also the branch managers must be provided with reports suitable for their control tasks.

In this two-part video series consultnetwork deals with the monthly branch reporting and shows how this can be realised according to the ONE PAGE principle. The data shown in the example comes from the planning and consolidation software LucaNet and was visualized with Microsoft Power BI, and with an IBCS certified custom visual based on IBCS Standards.

Redesign the SAP Analytics Cloud sample report according to the IBCS-Standards and the ONE PAGE principle
In this video, consultnetwork takes a close look at the prominently placed SAP Analytics Cloud sample report. It reveals the serious errors that have been made in the report and shows how the SAP Analytics Cloud sample report can be redesigned according to the IBCS-Standards and the ONE PAGE principle.