Highly condensed dashboard visuals

by Rolf Hichert, President of the IBCS Association

IBCS Annual Conference on June 24, 2022
9:45 to 10:30 CEST

“Data density is the key for SUCCESS – the key for storytelling.”

…says Rolf Hichert, President of the IBCS Association and initiator of the IBCS concept. At the IBCS Annual Conference 2022, Rolf will present his view on data density and try to convince the audience of the thesis written above.

Brak alternatywnego tekstu dla tego zdjęcia

Rolf Hichert is a creative mind and frequent key-note speaker at international conferences. His idea of semantic notation paves the way for the visual language of the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

His firm belief in the power of more intelligible business communication with reports and dashboards has captivated thousands of FP&A and BI professionals.

Together with Jürgen Faisst, Rolf has written the book “SOLID | OUTLINED | HATCHED – How visual consistency helps better understand reports, presentations and dashboards“.

Bruno Meyer, as the Director at Credit Suisse Group, said:

“If you look for the best person on the planet to design effective management reports, there is only one name that comes to my mind: Rolf Hichert.”

Will Rolf convince attendees at the IBCS Annual Conference 2022 of the importance of high data density?

All leaders, top managers and decision makers, BI experts, controllers and FP&A professionals, are invited to the IBCS Annual Conference to discuss the topic “Can dashboards tell stories?”

Register: June 24, 2022, Berlin or Online

It is possible to attend this event online for free. All you need is to contact the sponsors of the IBCS Annual Conference, and receive a special coupon code for free registration.