Measuring equal payment –
Ideas based on a real case from the Turkish Capital Group

by Esin Özkan, consultant at IBSS, trainer for data analytics at

IBCS Annual Conference on June 24, 2022
11:30 to 12:00 CEST

Reports should support Human Resources Management.

Management of Human Resources needs more than just the comparison of actual headcount against plan. We talk about education, employee satisfaction, equal payment and many more metrics that are not as easy to determine and compare as financial figures. And we also face new challenges in visualizing these #HR specific metrics in a comprehensible way.

So how to support #HumanResourcesManagement effectively with #reports and #dashboards?

IBCS community will share ideas for HR reporting.

IBCS Certified Consultants discussed some real cases of HR reports in their monthly workshops. A summary will be presented by Esin Özkan during the IBCS Annual Conference on June 24, 2022 in Berlin.

Esin is consultant at IBSS and trainer for data analytics at She also serves as an IBCS Certified Trainer and Consultant in Turkey. Since 2017, she has been providing both conceptual and technical trainings for entrepreneurs to equip them with data analytics skillsets.

For her speech during the IBCS Annual Conference 2022 she has chosen the real case of HR reporting for the Turkish Capital Group. Read more about Esin below.

Everybody can attend a discussion on measurement of equal payment.

All HR decision makers, BI experts, controllers and FP&A professionals are invited for the IBCS Annual Conference to go deeper into the topic of HR reporting.

Register: June 24, 2022, Berlin or Online

It is possible to attend this event online for free. All you need is to contact the sponsors of the IBCS Annual Conference, and receive a special coupon code for free registration.