IBCS® Certified Analyst (playground and final exam)

Product description

Online test to obtain ‘IBCS® Certified Analyst’ certificate – playground and final exam. 

This online test grants access to a bank of more than 200 questions around the IBCS® Standards with multiple choice and multiple response. It includes a link to a playground test with 10 access codes for learning purposes and a link to a final exam.

Playground test (10x): This test is comprised of 21 randomly selected questions. After answering a question there is an instant review. You get 10 access codes so you can repeat this test 10 times with different questions in order to prepare yourself for the final exam.

Final exam (1x): This test is also comprised of 21 randomly selected questions. There is no instant review after the questions and you get only one access code to run it once. If you collect more than 70% of the available credits then you successfully pass the ‘IBCS® Certified Analyst’ test and can download your certificate.