C05: Columns with horizontal waterfall charts

The lower tier of this template shows grouped columns for AC (resp. FC) and PL 2013 combined with a horizontal waterfall chart showing the absolute variances. It is extended by an additional column for AC 2012 (=PY). Two additional tiers show the relative variances to PL and PY. 

Features for IBCS® certification of software


  • Proper scaling of charts with the same unit (values, volumes, shares, ratios) in this template
  • Legends at the left hand or right hand of the data series
  • Value labels at the top or bottom of the visualizing elements
  • Red and green variances
  • Pins for relative variances, columns for absolute variances
  • Notation concept for columns showing different scenarios; consistent title and footnote concept



  • Message concept
  • Highlighting differences
  • Integrating and highlighting comments