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The virtual IBCS Annual Conference 2021 on July 2 at 01:00 PM Berlin time is around the corner and we are super excited about the program:

Do you know what Bayer, Intel, REWE and other well-known organizations expect from reports and dashboards? Let’s discuss their expectations and identify the gaps. Let’s also see how successful companies like KPN and innovative software vendors try to close the gaps.

Does IBCS work across cultures and generations? Guests from Austria, Nigeria, Russia, Emirates, United States, Colombia, and academic teachers from Spain, Germany, and Finland will share their view.

Take a look at the full program.

You can join from your sofa or terrace, just make sure you’ve got a ticket.

The regular fee is 200 EUR per person plus VAT if applicable. Members of the IBCS Association pay 100 EUR (here you can easily apply for passive membership). IBCS Certified Consultants and candidates get free access.

You might also get an invitation from IBCS sponsors such as VisualBI, Hi-Chart and XLCubed if you contact them. Please follow our event page on LinkedIn in order to stay tuned.

Get your ticket and join us.

Looking forward to seeing you virtually.

Jürgen Faisst, Rolf Hichert and Edyta Szarska

IBCS Certified Software

Please note the recertified software packages and their major improvements:

Inforiver Charts & Matrix 1.0 | Profile…
VisualBI has further developed its IBCS Visuals to a new product called Inforiver which generates easy-to-understand reports with an ease and speed you’ve only seen in Excel before.

Longview Analytics | Profile…
Glad to see the commitment of the new owner InsightSoftware to Longview Analytics and its IBCS certification.

hi-chart | Profile…
The new hi-chart version scores with communication functions (commenting, collaboration, scheduled broadcasting) and a broad scope of supported platforms.

IBCS Certified Provider

We are pleased to announce that two more consulting teams are awarded the IBCS Certified Provider seal for multiple IBCS Certified Consultants providing services from conceptual design to technical implementation.

Corporate Planning Training & Consulting | Profile…
The Training & Consulting Team at Corporate Planning offers education and professional services for the IBCS Certified Software hi-chart.

Corporate b.telligent | Profile…
The Visual Design Team at b.telligent implements Business Intelligence solutions across multiple technologies.

IBCS Certified Consultants
Oliver Franz

Melanie Holzapfel

Data Scientist at SAP, Germany. Profile…

Oliver Mägert

Frank Mühlenfeld

BI Consultant at TIP HCe, Austria. Profile…

Arthur Schuchmilski

Senior Consultant at Corporate Planning, Germany. Profile…

The English Certification Course for IBCS® Certified Consultants (ICC) on Sep 08 to 10 in Warsaw is already fully booked. The next one in English language is on Nov 17 to 19.

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