C06: Bars with vertical waterfall chart

The vertical waterfall chart of this template shows grouped bars for AC and PL combined with a vertical waterfall showing the absolute variances. It is sorted by absolute variances to PL and it is extended by an additional bar for PY. Two additional tiers show the relative variances to PL and PY.

Features for IBCS® certification of software


  • Proper scaling of charts with the same unit (values, volumes, shares, ratios) in this template
  • Legends above or below the visualizing elements
  • Value labels at the left hand or right hand of the visualizing elements
  • Red and green variances
  • Pins for percent variances, bars for absolute variances
  • Notation concept for bars showing different scenarios
  • Consistent title and footnote concept



  • Message concept
  • Highlighting differences
  • Integrating and highlighting comments